I wanna look that hot


Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?


I am a a girl, brown skinned and extremely short. And its not like I have any major complex or insecurities about my physical attributes. In fact, in my own opinion, I am pretty hot, or beautiful or anything else.

Buuut, every time I see a remarkably hot (in a conventional and traditional sense) man on TV or in a magazine I want to be him. No, its worse than it sounds.

Say, a hot guy, with a lean body and a jaw structure that makes me knees go weak, wearing a sexy suit is seen on a magazine. I immediately think, ‘next prom I’ll get a stubble and wear a sexy suit and go’. But I am a giiiiirl!! An extremely short and brown one at that.

And, and, and, sometimes when I try to picture myself wearing a dress I might want to buy, I think of a tall, blond, white model. But thats not me!


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