About me


I’m Leah, a teenage girl living in India. I love reading and history. More than love it. Sometimes when I study history I get butterflies in my stomach, which most girls reserve for their ”special someone”, I get them when I read about Lenin. My aim in life is to be happy, it may sound a little weird but as of yet the conscience decision to be happy has indeed made me happy. So that’s it. Good luck to you…

Please visit my blog, I would really really love it if you do.

And hey!
I’m an Indian. From India. Hindustan. Bharat. Whatever. And no we don’t speak Indian. We either speak Hindi or some other regional language. No I’m not a Hindu, though most Indians are. Also I’ve never been raped. Definitely not. Eve teased a couple of time but never raped thank you very much. And I know good English cuz most people from the cities in India knows English. For god’s sake not all of India is a slum.

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